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The Main Workshop consists of four bays, each 60 meters long by 20 meters wide, served by overhead cranes of up to 10 tonnes capacity. The main building is primarily used for the fabrication of structural steelwork components manufactured from hot-rolled section. However, due to the flexibility provided by the workshop layout, specific areas or bays are often isolated for the manufacture of various components. These include pipe spools, ducts and water boxes, in materials where contamination is an issue (i.e. stainless steel, aluminium and cupro-nickel)

Hot-rolled sections are fed to the workshop via two CNC saw and drill lines, followed by a pre-shop shot blast machine to remove rust, mill scale and any other foreign matter that could affect weld quality. Plated items and fittings are received from theSurface Preparation Bay.

In addition to the saw and drill lines, the workshop is also equipped with a CNC pipe profiling machine. This machine is capable of profiling and bevelling pipe from 38mm to 610mm diameter for T, K and Y connections.

Dependant upon the work mix, the workshop has a weekly capacity in excess of 500 tonnes of structural steelwork.

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